From Ashes to Diamonds

Algordanza is a young, aspiring, innovative Swiss enterprise headquartered in Chur, founded in 2004 and internationally active. Algordanza is simultaneously pioneer and visionary as it is offering a new kind of burial. Algordanza - the Rhaeto-Romanic expression for "remembrance" - attends the inspiring mission to transform unique diamonds out of the ashes of beloved deceased.

Algordanza's memorial diamonds are personified commemorations of a beloved person, a symbol of personal closeness, imperishability and love - the most personal and most beautiful way for the bereaved to bear the remembrance of a beloved person.

Algordanza's memorial diamonds are absolutely unique and are solely generated from the cremation ashes handed over - without any additives and admixtures. Every production step is completely documented. The diamond will be passed on together with a certificate indicating the chemical analyses of the ashes.

Algordanza is growing and is already represented in many countries including: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Spain, Belarus, Portugal, Brazil, Finland, Romania, Ecuador, El Salvador, Indonesia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.  In Canada and the USA, Algordanza's collaboration is exclusively with Remembrance Diamonds Corporation. It is our collective goal to be present in all countries on all continents.